Best Places to Visit During Ubud Bike Tour

Ubud bike tour is one thing that you must do while visiting Bali. Especially since Ubud area has a lot of destinations that you can visit. Doing bike tour makes it easy for you to visit those places. Here are some of the places that you should visit if you decide to go on a bike tour.

Best Places to Visit During Ubud Bike Tour

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

If you have not visit it before, then you should. This place is very unique because of the landscape created by the rice field spread around the stepped hills. Surrounded by green trees it really makes you feel refreshed just by seeing them. Furthermore, there are a few fun spots that you can visit around the area such as Ubud swing, craft market, restaurants and many other.

Visesa Village

If you want to escape from the busy city life, then you should try to visit Visesa Village. This village is very quiet so you will feel calm and relax when you go cycling with Ubud bike tour.

You will also see a lot of local Balinese people around the area and learn how they live their daily life. You can see with your own eyes how the locals plow the rice field, taking care of the ducks and many other views that you cannot see in the city.

Tegenungan Waterfall

This waterfall is the only one that you can find on the lowland as it is part of Petanu river. It has very big water discharge even though it is only 15 meters tall. You can try to deep your toes that might feel stiff after the long ride. If you want to, there is a small pond where you can bath to refresh yourself. Or you can at least take a few selfies while enjoying the fresh air before continuing the journey.

Ubud Art Market

Those that loves art must visit Ubud art market where you can get various arts from Bali. Here you can purchase paintings, craft, statues, beads, and many other with very affordable price.

Furthermore, the market is actually decorated with Balinese ornament so you will not feel bored while browsing hundreds of local shops in the area. So make sure to have it in your Ubud bike tour route.

Nyuh Kuning Village

You will be able to experience the true Balinese village that have not been though my modern lifestyle in Nyuh Kuning village. You will also feel the spiritual aura in this area because a lot of people still place their offerings everywhere.

The village is filled with Balinese houses that are very artistic. Meanwhile you will find big and green trees all along the village street which makes the view even more amazing. You can try to watch the traditional dance if you have time or want to end your tour here.

As you can see Ubud really have a lot of amazing places that you can visit during Ubud bike tour. You might not be able to visit everything in the list but try to at least go to a couple of them with Ebikes Bali tour guide.

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